Wednesday, April 27, 2005

From The Baum Group files...
April is Stress Awareness Month - 4

Now that we are almost near the end of April (designated
as Stress Awareness Month) are you more aware of your
stressors and stress indicators?

During the month of April you have received information
on being aware, acknowledging and accepting your stressors
and stress indicators.

To recap...

Press here (and do it now) because first you must know
the level of your stress to take action in overcoming and
managing your stress before your stress becomes distress.

You know your stress reactions, don't you?

Being aware of, accepting and acknowledging your stress
reactions (stress indicators - your body signals) and your
stressors (causes) is the next step in overcoming and
managing your stress.

You know what your stressors are, don't you?

Then, you know what your life is like with a quiet mind
and calm body, don't you?

Do you know for sure?

Press here to get this Information Product.
Ask Us : ... for additional assistance in overcoming and managing
your stress for just $99. by pressing here and also receive a copy of
"Getting A Handle On Your Stress" [booklet ~ PDF or CD version]

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