Wednesday, June 01, 2005

From The Baum Group files
Unique Abilities, Interests and Talents

We all possess a combination of abilities, interests,
and talents that are unique to each one of us.

Do you know yours?

Now you can discover your combination of unique
abilities, interests and talents by answering the
following questions.

1.  Are you a self-starter?

2.  Do you like people?

3.  Do you see obstacles as opportunities and turn
     challenges into workable projects?

4.  Are you are creatively curious, take charge and
     see things through with style?

5.  Do you have a quiet mind and calm body?

6.  Do you listen with and speak from your heart and

7.  Do you say what you mean and mean what you

8.  Are you a kind, considerate, loveable, honest,
     and trustworthy decision maker and leader, and
     always eager to learn things as well as rely on
     what you already know?

9.  Are you resource full, and not afraid to ask for
     help and follow gracefully?

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