Wednesday, September 21, 2005

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The Thoughts You Think

The thoughts you think shape your behavior.

As we all know, mind and body influence each other.
What you think influences how you feel.  The opposite
is also true.

Since what you feel makes you do things you might
consider not doing, it is important to think before you
act and never, never act on what you are feeling
because feelings are irrational.

The discipline of Bioenergetic Analysis helps you
integrate your mind (what you think) and your body
(what you feel) so that you realize more pleasure
and joy in living.

A fundamental thesis of bioenergetic analysis is that
your mind and your body are functionally identical;
that is to say, what goes on in your mind reflects
what is happening in your body and vice versa.

However this interaction is limited to the conscious
aspects of your personality and behavior.

On the unconscious level, both what you think and
what you feel are influenced by your energy.

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