Wednesday, December 07, 2005

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Participatory Accountability
Reader's Research Request

"What can you tell me about participatory accountability?"

Participatory accountability happens when and where mutual
respect is generated by honoring all forms of group decisions.

Participatory accountability brings attention to, and improves
previously neglected issues, supports collaborative efforts
and solutions, and controls the arbitrary use of power by
those who yield it.

Leaders flourish whenever and wherever participatory
accountability works.  After all, leaders today need closer
relationships with trusted advisers.

There are many challenges though to the processes of
participatory accountability.

Challenges such as...

...adopting other ideas for the sake of "keeping the peace"
may result in losing one's own thoughts, ideas and desires.

...emphasis on and support of change.

...greater scrutiny and higher expectations.

Go ahead "raise your sights... see possibilities" -- explore
participatory accountability for yourself and others.
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