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The Man Who Invented Management

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Today, we want to pay tribute to Peter F. Drucker, a man
who has had an impact on our work, "...died peacefully
in his sleep at home on Nov. 11 at age 95, eight days
shy of his 96th birthday."

We remember him because...

It was Drucker who introduced the idea of decentralization
-- in the 1940s -- which became a bedrock principle for
virtually every large organization in the world.

He was the first to assert -- in the 1950s -- that workers
should be treated as assets, not as liabilities...

He originated the view of the corporation as a human
community -- again, in the 1950s -- built on trust and
respect for the worker and not just a profit-making
machine, a perspective that won Drucker an almost
godlike reverence among the Japanese.

He first made clear -- still the '50s -- that there is "no
business without a customer," a simple notion that
ushered in a new marketing mind-set.

He argued in the 1960s -- long before others -- for the
importance of substance over style, for institutionalized
practices over charismatic, cult leaders.

And it was Drucker again who wrote about the contribution
of knowledge workers -- in the 1970s -- long before anyone
knew or understood how knowledge would trump raw
material as the essential capital of the New Economy.

Bottom line, knowledge and skill is power and information
delivery is key.

Make 2006 your year to continue learning more since your
career is your business.  As an employee, your employer
is your customer.

What is your career-related New Year's resolution?

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