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Stress : An Energetic Condition

According to Hans Selye "Stress is not something to be
avoided."  It is a "response of the body to any demand
made upon it."

Stress as an energetic condition affects every aspect of
modern life.  It is your body's energy reaction to how
you live your life.

Even though there is "good" stress called eustress your
body's energy system is activated the same as when
there is "bad" stress called distress.

When your energy production is higher than your body
is able to discharge, distress occurs and may result in
feeling overwhelmed, feeling a loss of control, and
feeling stuck and/or agitated.

In The Promise of Energy Psychology David Feinstein
states that " ...Your body is composed of energy pathways
and energy centers that are in a dynamic interplay with
your cells, organs, mood, and thoughts.  If you can shift
these energies, you can influence your health, emotions,
and state of mind."

As your body moves to distress or eustress depends on
how you use your energy.  Even though stress is needed
to do the job of living, too much good stress (eustress)
or too much bad stress (distress) may result in fatigue,
disorientation, depression and feelings of being "out
of control."

By staying in the now, and focusing on your body signals
you are able to manage and overcome your stress reactions
-- acknowledging that distress and eustress are signs of
too much or too little energy in your body.

Being monitored by a holistic health professional is essential
when working with stress as an energetic condition.

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