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Nutrigenomics and Other Lessons Learned

Nutrigenomics is the science of how the food you eat talks
to your genes, how your food and nutrients interact with
your genes to turn on messages of health and disease based
on understanding the unique ways in which your genes
and metabolism interact.

Other lessons learned...

- There is creative procrastination in the most valuable use
of your time by deciding what to eliminate, what to delegate
and what to farm out.

- The starting point for peak perform/ance is to establish your
priorities by arranging your values in the order of importance
to you.

And, the lesson we learned from our colleague Michael Masterson...

"If you want to accomplish something, just focus on the specific
behavior that will get you there.  Find out the exact actions that
others have taken to achieve a similar objective, and imitate
those actions, step by step.'s sometimes very difficult to take
that first step until you have cleaned out the negative stuff in your
head and replaced it with "can-do" thinking."

Remember the longer you wait to begin working toward the
outcomes you want, the more difficulty you have reaching them.

        [This information is intended for your knowledge only.
        You must seek prompt attention for any specific condition
        and/or situation]

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