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Awareness and The Law of Attraction

Awareness affects the decisions you make.

Awareness is being mindful in observing and knowing
everything going on around and within you.

Answer the following questions to help you find what
your attraction indicators are.

Are you attracting what you want?
Are you aware of your thoughts?
Are your thoughts positive?
Is your life filled of what you want?

Even though you become and get what you feel and think
about, it's your feelings that create what you are attracting.

As the creator of your destiny you must seize every moment
and focus on what you do want since attraction and energy
flows where your attention goes.

Since you are attracting things to you in every moment, the
challenge is in attracting the things you really want.

The more you use your awareness and the law of attraction
the more you understand it, so use your full intellectual and
emotional powers.

For more on the law of attraction see September 14, 2005 blog
entry archived here.

Bottom line : be aware and mindful of your feelings and thoughts
as you move through your day, and keep your eye on your target.

To help you do this, here is a "powerful movie" once again

For your convenience we have placed a permanent link to this
"powerful movie" on

If you've seen the movie and are living the message this movie
presents -- you know the power of awareness and the law of

Share what this movie is having on your life with others here
and find others who are aware of what the law of attraction
is having on their lives.

We encourage and support you on your awareness and the
law of attraction.

[This information is intended for your knowledge only.  You
must seek prompt attention for any specific condition and/or

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