Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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[Some Thoughts for Your Consideration]
Making a Difference in Your Life

The word education comes from the Latin e-ducere meaning
"to lead out."

In ancient Greece, Socrates argued that education was about
"drawing out" what was already within the student.

The purpose of education must be to "bring out" the best
in every one.

To be able to deal effectively with personality dimensions
is as important as becoming skilled in problem solving.

To do this, there must be responsiveness to the behavioral
and social experiences and needs of the individual than in
the past and this suggests a need for a holistic approach
to learning and teaching,

Share your business and personal life and concerns with
others here because this is your year to continue learning
about your education; and the World Wide Web "for better
or worse" is where education through eLearning -- happens.

We encourage and support you on your education through

In future editions more helpful hints, thoughts and workable
strategies will be presented in areas of your life that must be
looked at for any improvement you want.

Ask for "a list of life's areas to review" by visiting
Your Stress Matters.

[This information is intended for your knowledge only.
You must seek prompt attention for any specific condition
and/or situation.]

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