Wednesday, August 08, 2007

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Paying Attention to Your Intuition

Paying attention to your intuition is being revisited after receiving
several requests for this subject, and because it is a key chapter
in our upcoming book What Makes Your Heart Sing?

Do you trust yourself?

Is your life all that you want it to be?

Is your life your number one priority?

Paying attention to your intuition takes time -- time to listen
and learn to trust your intuition.

This process may cause you some stress.

To take paying attention to your intuition to the next level
you must choose to...

...get out of your comfort zone.
...invest in yourself.
...make a difference.
...take yourself seriously.
...use a proactive approach and ask "what is my purpose in life?"

By being open to and trusting your intuition, you change your life
into one that is extraordinary.

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