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Meet the Best - II

      "People tend to make things more complicated
       than they are.
"  [Dr. Rae]

What would your business, professional and personal life
be like if you had a personal coach to guide you on a daily,
weekly and monthly basis on information products of your

Certainly your business, professional and personal life is
worth investing in yourself.

Here are two coaches who have touched our lives deeply
in October and we are pleased to share them with you in
this second entry of Meet the Best.

Introducing this month's "meet the best"coaches...
Dr. Rae
Mark Joyner

Dr. Rae has been sharing her work since 1972 and on-line
since 1995.

Here are a few thoughts from her upcoming book
What Makes Your Heart Sing?

• When you feel tense, focus on the moment and begin
feeling the difference.

• Being stress-free is not an option to living your life
because you need stress to live and be creative in giving
and receiving what you are here to give and receive.

• Being authentic awakens your creativity and intuition.
Know what you want and who you are.  Your level of
stress is your choice.

Mark Joyner came into our lives when we needed some
guidance to take us to the next level in our business,
professional and personal lives.

• Mark's concept of "simpleology" has given us the
momentum to act in simplified ways when our thoughts
are at their highest, and to refine our actions as
we proceed.

• "You have to expect things of yourself before you
can do them."  Read more about "simpleology" here.

• Simpleology has brought sanity into our lives.

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