Wednesday, December 05, 2007

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Creativity and Empowerment

"Carpe Diem"
   [Michael Michalko]

"One of the best ways to achieve and maintain creativity
 and empowerment for yourself and others is to set your
 intention on what you want.
  [The Baum Group]

Intention setting now is the #1 important ingredient to creativity
and empowerment for yourself and others.

Before you begin to set your intentions, ask yourself this question
-- if this is my last moment, what have I left unsaid and undone?

You know that by December 31st of any given year, your life is better;
and how you use your creativity and empowerment has a lot to do
with making your life better.

When you begin to set your intentions, answer these five questions
to know what is important now for your creativity and empowerment.

What was important to me before that is unimportant now?

What have I neglected that I want to focus on now?

What do I pledge to make important now?

What is left unsaid and undone if I lose a loved one today?

What action must I take to live my life now?

After answering the above questions, make a commitment to act
according to the insights you gain from your answers because
insights without action are of no value.

You are able to harness creativity and empowerment for yourself
and others by replacing your old behaviors, goals and intentions
with the new ones you decide on now.

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