Wednesday, January 30, 2008

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Meet the Best - IV
Dedicated to Dr. Rae's daughter Tamar and her family

             Welcome Back ~ We're Glad To Be Back

"Live your purpose."
  The Baum Group

What would your life be like if you had a personal coach to guide
you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis on information products
of your choosing?

Certainly your life is worth investing in yourself.

Here are two coaches who have touched our lives deeply in December
and we are pleased to share them with you in this fourth entry of Meet
the Best

Introducing with appreciation and gratitude this month's "meet the best"
Deepak Chopra
Brian L. Weiss

Deepak Chopra has been sharing his work with us for many years.

Here are a few thoughts from his book
Life After Death : A Burden of Proof

•  "The standard assumption is that no one really knows what
happens after we die.  ...Instead of being unknowable, perhaps
the afterlife is something we haven't looked at hard enough.
And, if so why not?" [p. 97]

•  "In Life After Death Chopra draws on cutting-edge scientific
discoveries and the great wisdom traditions to provide a map
of the afterlife.  ...Who you meet in the afterlife and what you
experience there reflect your present beliefs, expectations
and level of awareness.  In the here and now you can shape
what happens after you die.  ...Chopra invites us to step into
a numinous sense of wonder and personal power." [Book

Brian L. Weiss recently came into our lives when we needed
guidance to take us to the next level in our lives.

•  From his enlightening and life affirming book
Messages from the Masters : Tapping into the Power of Love
we found (by reading with an open mind) solace in the following
messages from the masters

•  "...we come back to teach and help others." [p. 1]

•  "...Our body is just a vehicle for us while we are here.  It is
our soul and our spirit that last forever." [p. 11]

•  "We choose when we...come back into our physical state
and when we...leave.  We know when we have accomplished
what we were sent down here to accomplish.  ...When you have
had the time to rest and re-energize your soul, you...choose
your re-entry back into the physical state." [p.44]

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