Wednesday, March 26, 2008

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Bioenergetic Analysis : Energy Matters

"Only you are responsible for your life.  Being mindful
of your reactions to your life you are able to choose at
each moment what is best for you and your life."
[Dr. Rae for The Baum Group]

Did you know there is energy in your muscles that matters
and needs expression?

Did you know you are able to live with much less stress
and worry when you stay in the moment?

Did you know your emotions direct your behavior?

Since 1972, as a Bioenergetic Analysis practitioner I have
found energy matters.

I have also seen how energy matters.

When energy is blocked and locked in your muscles you
experience muscle tension, aches and pains.  You also
experience blocked and locked emotions causing a lack
of emotional connection with your self and with others.

In a variety of ways, Bioenergetic Analysis helps you get
in touch and comfortable with your emotions by releasing
the tension in your muscles.

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