Wednesday, September 03, 2008

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Meet the Best - 11

"Happiness is the result of the beliefs you choose.
Choose to celebrate change."

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What would your life be like if you had a personal mentor to guide
you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis -- on information products
of your choosing?

Certainly your life is worth investing in yourself.

Here are two mentors who have touched our lives this past month
and we are pleased to share them with you in this eleventh entry of
Meet the Best.

Introducing with appreciation and gratitude this month's "meet the
best" mentors James M. Kilts and Hal Brill et al.

James M. Kilts came into our lives recently when faced with the need
to reconnect with our business self.

Within the pages of Doing What Matters we found these thoughts...

  "Growth matters.  Continuous dissatisfaction with the status quo
is the best way to keep growing."  (p.  293)

  "Relationships matter.  Mentors can be the difference between your
having to struggle and learn entirely by trial and error versus profiting
the sage advise and past experiences of someone who is older and
wiser.  (pp.  293-294)

  "The right team matters.  ...surround yourself with the best people."
(p.  295)

Hal Brill et al came into our lives when we were faced with financial
issues that needed attention.

Here are a few thoughts from their book Investing With Your Values

  "Creating your own value-based portfolio begins with your general
approach to investing.  ...a portfolio may be...for a variety of social
issues without sacrificing return."  (p.  66)

  "Choosing your strategies is one of the fun parts...  This important
step is the one in which you map out a game plan for bringing your
values into the financial world."  (p.  72)

  There are "Four Spokes to the Investment Wheel."  (pp.  72-78)

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