Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Motivational News You Can Use - XII

"Awareness, ego and trust are a few keys to "letting go."
Awareness comes from staying in the now.  By being
present in the moment you begin "letting go" of your
ego, the part of you that has a tendency to get in your
way.  You gain confidence and joy in being.  For that
moment and every moment of "letting go" you trust
others and yourself because others are reflections
of you."
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Here is the twelfth preview of the Motivational News You Can Use
eBook Volume 2 now in progress...

*  Choose to live without any regrets now.

*  Choose to see your opportunities clearly as promoting
    your leadership growth.

*  Make a difference in other lives by making a difference in
    your life.

*  Find what matters to you.

*  Find your motivation is an offer you can use.

*  Motivation comes from being present in the moment.

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