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Meet the Best ~ 22

"Less distress comes when you live your purpose.  Your purpose
is learning and living the life that you are meant to live with joy
and love."
Your Weekly StressTip

What would your life be like if you had a personal mentor to guide
you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis -- on information products
of your choosing?

Certainly your life is worth investing in yourself.

Here is a mentor who has recently touched our lives and we are pleased
to share her with you in this entry of Meet the Best.

Introducing with appreciation and gratitude this month's "meet the best"
mentor Suzy Welch.

Suzy Welch came into our lives when we wanted to learn more about
living on purpose in every aspect of our life.

10-10-10: A Life-Transforming Idea, is a "how-to" guide to reclaim
and transform your life in today's world using these questions when
faced with a dilemma.  "What will the consequences of my options
be in 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years?"

Here are few excerpts for your consideration...

" approach to dilemmas that empowered people to create
more deliberate, centered and authentic lives.  ...It required
emotional work; it took commitment and candor.
"  [p. 221]

"...once 10-10-10 is in your life, it's your companion as long
as you allow it to work within you and for you.
"  [p. 221]

"...meant for everyone seeking a way out and path forward."
[p. 222]

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