Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Finding happiness

"Keep moving forward by changing your limiting beliefs
and thoughts.  The choice is yours.  Here is how... "

Your Weekly StressTip

Did you know that finding happiness can be helpful and useful
for your health and well-being?

Here a few ideas that may help you in finding happiness...

...Be present in the moment without any thoughts

...Find meaningful relationships

...Find natural alternatives to the clothing you wear,
   to your environment and to the food you eat.

...Live your purpose

...Let go by forgiving yourself for "holding on" to...

...Look from the inside out

...Simplify your life (10 things to simplify by Todd Schnick)

...Spend time on what matters to you (10 things to simplify
    by Todd Schnick)

Committing your self and your time to finding happiness like any
powerful idea requires having a positive regard for empowering
every one, including yourself.

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