Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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What makes your heart sing

"In the present moment with natural breath look within to find joy,
less confusion and peace!  Comments
Weekly Reminder: Live in the present moment

[Image credit and source: Ansel Adams]

Life is full of disappointments and setbacks that when change appears
there is a tendency to feel as though the confusion, doubt and frustration
lessens and your heart begins to sing.

Do you know what makes your heart sing?

Here are a few thoughts on the subject for your consideration...

Believing that change is full of opportunities and possibilities!

Breaking free from confusion, fear and uncertainty by being
present in the moment!

Knowing and living your life's purpose!

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At the end of the day, "what makes your heart sing" in your business,
personal and professional life?

Tell us about and how "what makes your heart sing" helps you get more
done with less distress by clicking "Post Your Comment Here" below...

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seek prompt attention for any specific condition and/or situation.]

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