Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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Emotional marketing

Weekly Reminder: Live in the present moment
"Being present in the moment without thought, calms your body,
and quiets your mind!
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Trust, and truth are required when considering emotional marketing.

Since we make our buying decisions using our emotions, rather than
our logic; we must consider the goal of emotional marketing is to
elicit an emotional buying response.

Therefore, we must know what emotional marketing is, and how
emotional marketing influences our buying decisions.

What influence does emotional marketing have on your business,
personal, and professional life?

Share any one of your buying decisions that was recently influenced
by emotional marketing in the comment section below...

Press to know more about your emotional marketing buying decisions

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At the end of each day, how do you experience emotional marketing
in your business, personal and professional life?

Tell us in the "Post Your Comment Here" link below how your experience
of emotional marketing helps you get more done with less distress.

[This information is intended for your knowledge only.  You must seek
prompt attention
for any specific condition and/or situation.]

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