Wednesday, November 02, 2005

From The Baum Group Collection
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Give a Little, Receive a Lot

Take a deep breath and remember that there are things
in your life you can control, and there are things in your
life you cannot control.

Open your heart to the possibility that everything happens
for a reason, and that there are no mistakes.

Stop looking for reasons, rather see the big picture, and
understand that the situation is guided BY you and is
happening FOR you.

Know and accept that you called for the situation for
your growth.

Experience the shift in your consciousness, the movement
of energy both within yourself and throughout the situation
itself, so that the elements within the situation itself shift
and change and begin to look like miracles.

The holidays are almost here, so give the people you love
a gift from your heart, and know that your heart and the
people you love, thank you.
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