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Your Stress Matters - Part Two

Last week we introduced you to stress as a choice resulting
from the choices you make with the following stressors:

Breathing, Environment, Attitude and Nutrition [B E A N]

Today we are looking at the last two stressors [causes
of stress] and a few ways to manage your stress reactions
to them.

Your Attitude...

Blaming others for your situation makes you the victim
and this creates stress reactions.

Thinking positively rather than negatively, and using
questions that begin with what and how rather than
who, when and why helps you take control of your life.

When you feel like crying, cry.  Crying is one way your
body releases your stress reactions.

Your Nutrition...

Drinking caffeine creates stress reactions.

Eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day work wonders.

Eating white products --sugar, white flour, white rice
create stress reactions

Fresh fruit and vegetables help reduce your stress

What about nitrates and preservatives, are they in the
foods you eat?

Bottomline, there are no "stress management pills" that
help you take control of your life, so go ahead and share
your feelings, don't act on them.  Instead discover that
your stress matters and how to live with less of your
stress reactions.

Yes, you are able to live with less stress reactions each
and every day; the choice is yours.  Discover your choices
~ your body is telling you what choices to make.

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