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Your Stress Matters - Part One

Did you know that stress is a choice?

That's right, you choose the cause of your stress by the choices
you make with the following stressors : breathing, environment,
attitude and nutrition.

Your breathing...

Check your breathing to see when it is jammed, natural, reversed
or shallow.

Holding your breath until after you have completed an activity
(talking, walking, etc.) creates a physical response, a stress reaction.

What is your physical response, your stress reaction?
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For natural normal breathing your chest and belly expands when
you breathe in and deflates when you breathe out.

[Caution : Go slow.  Attempting to fix your breathing style by taking
in more oxygen than your body knows may cause hyperventilation.
If this occurs, cup your hands lightly over your mouth (rather than
look for a paper bag) and breathe in and out slowly.  You can do this
while sitting or standing, preferably sitting.]

Are you able to follow your breath as it moves through your body?
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Your environment...

Living, shopping and working in sick-buildings and under fluorescent
lights create stress reactions.

What allergens do you live with every day?
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Yes, you are able to live with less stress reactions every day, the choice
is yours.  Discover your choices, do it now ~ your body is telling you
what choices to make.

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