Wednesday, February 14, 2007

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Attitude : Helpful Hints and Workable Strategies

Evidence suggests avoiding pessimism is more important
than boosting optimism.

To get what you really want in your life you must be mindful
of your attitude, and avoiding pessimism is essential.

An "I can" attitude works in avoiding pessimism.

Are you ready to avoid your (and others) pessimism?

Do you like yourself, like what you do, and how you do it?

According to the Law of Attraction, you attract what you want in
your life when your attitude and your focus is on what you want.

What you think you are able to do determines what you do.

Remember you and your life are -- and become -- what you think

Your attitudes shape your outcomes, and avoiding pessimism
makes the difference between the impossible and the possible.

Here is a short video that may help you see the difference, so turn
up your speakers just a bit and enjoy.

For more on Your Attitude is Your Choice see November 9, 2005
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Ronda Del Boccio said...

Good morning! So glad we found each other.

Pessimism isn't "on my radar" at all. A bad attitude is a little death, and I'm too busy living life for pessimism.

What you say about attitude is spot on. And relieving your own stress is a critical component.

One of the sections of _I'll Push, You Steer: The Definitive Guide to Stumbling Through Life with Blinders On says: "Sickness, Disability, and "Muchness" are a part of life - so get used to it.
Meaning stuff happens and don't whine. We have a page in there that could easily be a poster - "Get off your pity pot."

Neither I nor my co-author Bonnie Tesh acknowledge a pity pot at all, and I'm mostly blind and she has had 2 kinds of cancer.

Thanks for this message.

Ronda Del Boccio

Dr. Rae for The Baum Group said...

Just found your comments...

Thank you for your input and gracious feedback Rhonda.