Wednesday, February 28, 2007

From The Baum Group Collection
on eSolutions...

When you consider whether or not an opportunity is worth
your time -- and your money -- consider this...

"When would be a good time?"

When you make a decision to do something, don’t settle for
“trying,” make a commitment for the long term -- for as long
as it takes.

With commitment, patience and tenacity of purpose -- overcoming
obstacles gets you to your goal.

What is your purpose, and is your commitment a sincere and
steadfast act of binding yourself -- intellectually and emotionally
-- to a course of action?

Commitment is making a pledge

Make a commitment to find your purpose.

Making a commitment to collaborate with others to develop new
concepts that none of you could have created alone.

Commitment is empowering.

Deep commitment is magnificent and miraculous.

Commit yourself, right up to the point where you find yourself
having fun in your business and personal life.

Make a commitment to enjoy your business and personal life.

Make a commitment to trust yourself so that you are able to share
yourself with others.

To make your commitment a powerful process for transformation,
see January 18, 2006 blog entry on Are You Ready? [Decisions and
Decision Making], March 01, 2006 blog entry on Expectations,
May 10, 2006 blog entry on Developing the Leader Within You, and
December 27, 2006 on Lessons Learned and What Really Works

And, find your opportunity here.

So make a quick decision and follow that with a commitment.

Be sure you share what you are doing is having on your life with
others here because this is your year to continue learning about

In future editions of this ePublication more helpful hints and
workable strategies will be presented in areas of your life
you select.

Ask for "a list of life's areas to review" by visiting
Your Stress Matters.

We encourage and support you on making a commitment.

    [This information is intended for your knowledge only.
     You must seek prompt attention for any specific condition
     and/or situation.]

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