Wednesday, June 06, 2007

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Procrastination Revisited
Making a Difference in Your Life

The key to your procrastination is learning how to manage and overcome
rather than avoid it.

Begin this day and any day, by asking yourself this question -- what if this
is my last moment, what have I left unsaid and undone?

By December 31 of any given year, your life is either better or worse -- and
how you handle any day and any situation is your choice.

At any time in your day, answer these questions to locate what is important
to you now.

What do I want to make important now?

What have I neglected that I want to focus on now?

What must I do to live my life now?

What was important to me before, that I see as unimportant now?

What was unimportant to me before, that I see as important now?

What will be left unsaid and undone if I lost a loved one today?

After answering the above questions, commit to motivating yourself
and act according to the insights you gain from your answers because
insights without action have no value.

You can manage and overcome your procrastination by replacing your
old behaviors with the new ones you decide on now.

Decide what is important to you now.

At the end of the day, managing and overcoming your procrastination
makes your heart sing.

Share your feelings and thoughts with others here because this is
the week to work on managing and overcoming your procrastination.

We encourage and support you managing and overcoming your

          [This information is intended for your knowledge
          only.  You must seek prompt attention for any
          specific condition and/or situation]

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