Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Your Values
Making a Difference in Your Life

Values are defined as principles, standards, or qualities
which guide human actions. [Source :]

Your values appear in every area of your life.

Your values begin with you.

Concentrate on what you do best -- projects in which
you value your unique talents.

Do you know your values and the values of your friends,

Establishing and setting your priorities according to what
you value most means knowing what you value, what you
want and arranging them in the order of what matters to
you most

Focus your energy on what you value most and be prepared
for change.  Your needs and desires invariably change, so
reexamine your priorities at least every five weeks.

Bottom line...

Value yourself and others!

Learn to live your values.  Get out of your comfort zone and focus
on what really matters to you while asking yourself these questions...

Do I really want what I value?

What do I value?

What do I want to value?

What feelings do I have about myself that may influence my values?

What thoughts do I have about myself and my ability to want what I

At the end of the day, your values make your heart sing.

Share your feelings and thoughts with others here because this is
the week to continue working on your values.

We encourage and support your values.

          [This information is intended for your knowledge
          only.  You must seek prompt attention for any
          specific condition and/or situation]

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