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Excellence Requires Gratitude

"We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act,
but a habit." - Aristotle
[Mark Joyner, Founder of simple•ology]

Some thoughts on what we found while researching Excellence
Requires Gratitude
for you.


...changes lives, is needed in an emerging global economy
and starts with you. a result, a choice, and now thanks to Mark Joyner [see
Aristotle's quote above] a habit. all about caring, gratitude and loving what you do.

...means everything to your business and your life.

Gratitude as a key requirement for business and personal excellence...

" the substance of a heart ready to show appreciation, or thankfulness;
it is...the combination of a state of being and an emotion; often accompanied
by a desire to thank them, or to reciprocate for a favour they have done for
you." (Source : Wikipedia)

To continue our research on gratitude we went to our colleague Kevin
and found this...

"Gratitude is an attitude.  Gratitude is a choice.  And gratitude is a habit.
When we consciously practice being grateful for the people, situations
and resources around us we begin to attract better relationships and results.
The habit will be strengthened as you make the choice each day."

Gratitude comes from a place of love.  By keeping your heart open to life
-- being grateful attracts gratitude into your life.

What this means is that you attract into your life what you think about
and you attract into your life what you are grateful for.

When you think about being grateful in having excellence in your life,
you attract excellence into your life.

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