Wednesday, October 17, 2007

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Authenticity and You

"Follow effective action with quiet reflection.  From the quiet reflection
will come even more effective action."

Peter Ferdinand Drucker, American writer, management consultant
and university professor.
[Mark Joyner, Founder of simple•ology]

Are you searching for authenticity in your business, personal and professional

Did you know that you are able to choose to live more authentically?
Did you know that you and your business benefit from your authenticity?

According to Webster's dictionary authenticity means being true to your own
personality, spirit, or character.

Authenticity comes from a quiet mind and a calm body.

Authenticity comes from quiet reflection.

Authenticity is becoming more important in dealing with the external world,
and is extremely powerful.

Authenticity works because when you are yourself it is easier to be consistent
in your dealing with others, and this is an advantage.

You become more authentic when you listen to the voice of your soul, your inner
voice, and when you are ready to hear you -- you are able to deliver you to others.

An essential features of authenticity is your commitment to yourself, and your gift
to others.

Among the many other features and benefits of authenticity are...

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