Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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Happiness and You

"May you enjoy happiness and the root of happiness,
your well-being.
[Dr. Rae, Founder of Your Stress Matters]

Are you searching for happiness in your business, personal
and professional life?

During our research we found "happinessisnowhere" - what
do you see?

Now, say "happinessisnowhere" out loud...

Did you see and say "happiness is no where"?
Did you see and say "happiness is now here"?

Depending on what you saw and said -- you are able to choose
to live with more happiness, making you, your business and
your professional life benefit from your happiness

Your happiness has physical components and is measurable.

Martin Seligman in his book Authentic Happiness, describes
happiness consisting of positive emotions -- such as ecstasy
and comfort, and positive activities -- such as absorption and

See if you find your happiness in being authentic (see last
week's blog on Authenticity and You below.)

See if you find your happiness in living your purpose.

You do know that we all have a purpose --a reason for being

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