Wednesday, December 03, 2008

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Meet the Best - 14

"Letting go of your 'concerns' requires that you focus
on the moment and what is in your control."

[Your Weekly StressTip]

What would your life be like if you had a personal mentor to guide
you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis -- on information products
of your choosing?

Certainly your life is worth investing in yourself.

Here are two mentors who have continually touched our lives these
past months and we are pleased to share them with you in this entry
of Meet the Best.

Introducing with appreciation and gratitude this month's "meet the
best" mentors Jay Conrad Levinson and Mitch Meyerson.

Jay Conrad Levinson and Mitch Meyerson came into our lives many
years ago when we wanted to learn more about marketing.

Their most recent "how-to manual must-have reference book"
Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines is a collection of "time-tested
tactics and strategies for getting new customers and turning them
into your most enthusiastic fans!"

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