Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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The Value of Trust

The value of trust lies within the search for the truth.
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This period of economic challenges and turmoil calls out for
transparency; and the need for investing in "the value of trust."

Although it is hard to measure "the value of trust;" we all have
experienced and know the value of losing trust in someone and

Value is used in this report as being desirable, and trust as
being confident in...

Warren Buffett's statement "Price is what you pay. Value is
what you get."
may help in getting a handle on this concept
of "the value of trust."

To be sure, what you do matters, and "the value of trust" lies
within knowing the truth, searching for the truth, and telling
the truth.

As a daily reminder, a recent gift from a colleague on "how-to"
find "the value of trust" in almost every area of life is helpful.

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