Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Back to Basics ~ 3

"Taking responsibility for your life means being able
to respond to every aspect of your life by handling
your obstacles and your opportunities.
Your Weekly StressTip

To know yourself and your purpose comes from opening
your energy blocks and releasing the feelings that are

Breath, movement and voice are elements of this process,
and are used to open your energy blocks.

Once your energy blocks are opened, and you decide to
let go, and surrender to life as you release the feelings
and perceptions that are found in your energy blocks,
your life becomes yours, and you begin to experience
feelings of well-being.

A return to basics begins and ends with you being in
your body.

The process is one of you getting in touch with, and staying
in touch with your body moment to moment without any
expectations or judgment.

One way to stay in the moment is to focus on your breath.

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