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Meet the Best ~ 34: Tony Schwartz

"All everyone has is this moment.  Comments/Questions"
Weekly Reminder: Live in the present moment

What would your life be like if you had a personal mentor
to guide you on a daily, weekly and monthly basis -- on
information products of your choosing?

Certainly your life is worth investing in yourself.

Here is a mentor who has touched our lives for many years
and we are pleased to share him with you in this entry of
Meet the Best.

Introducing with appreciation and gratitude this month's
"meet the best" mentor Tony Schwartz.

Tony Schwartz (with Jean Gomes and Catherine McCarthy, Ph.D.)
came into our lives when we wanted to learn more about energizing
performance in every aspect of life.

The Way We're Working Isn't Working: The Four Forgotten Needs
That Energize Great Performance
is a book about bringing energy
into all activities with less stress.

Here are a few excerpts from this book for your consideration...

"We tolerate extraordinary disconnects in our own lives, even in
areas we plainly have the power to influence.  We take too little
responsibility for addressing our core needs, and we dissipate
too much energy in blame, complaint, and finger-pointing."
[p. 9]

"Our core need at the emotional level is for security, the sense of
well-being that depends...on the experience of being accepted
and valued." [p. 13]

"Without a richer understanding of what motivates us--and what
stands in our way--we...remain insufficiently equipped to take on
the vastly more complex challenges ahead." [p. 278]

"The core challenge for leaders is to recruit, mobilize, inspire,
focus and regularly refuel the energy of those they lead." [p. 286]

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