Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Stressor: your environment ~ 2

"Staying in the present moment with each breath you take lowers
your stress reactions.  The choice is yours.
Weekly Reminder: Live in the present moment

Now that you know your environment may be your stressor -- the
cause of your distress or eustress -- here a few questions to help you
focus on this stressor...

>  Are you anxious when you are in a fluorescent lit room?
    EMFs, Fluorescent Lighting and You

>  Are you aware of your body's reactions to the physical environment?
    Is Your Office Killing You?

>  Is your environment clean and healthy?  Sick Building Syndrome

What is your physical response -- your stress reaction -- to this stressor?

Today is the day for you to recognize that nothing is more important
than a clean and healthy environment.

Press this link to let go of this stressor: your environment.

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