Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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Stressor: your nutrition ~ 2

"Focus only on your breathing gives your mind time to clear
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Weekly Reminder: Live in the present moment

Now that you know your nutrition may be your stressor -- the cause
of your distress or eustress -- here some thoughts for you to focus
on nutrition as a stressor.

Cinnamon may help you lose fat/weight when eaten properly

Drinking caffeine creates stress reactions.

Mindful nutrition is a valuable tool to your emotional and physical
health, and your well-being.

Nitrates and preservative may be in the foods you eat.

Surviving holiday eating and drinking

Your body is telling you what choices to make.

Do you know your physical response, your stress reaction to this stressor?

Today is the day for you to accept that nothing is more important to
your overall health and well-being than to be aware of, accept and
acknowledge your nutrition.

The choice is yours.

Press this link to let go of this stressor: your attitude.

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Tell us about how letting go of this "stressor: your nutrition" helps you get
more done with less stress here because this is the week for you to focus
on letting go of this "stressor: your nutrition."

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