Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Stress and you

"Being appreciative and grateful in the present moment with
each breath you take brings grace, joy and less distress and
eustress into your life.  Comments
Weekly Reminder: Live in the present moment

Did you know that you need stress to live, and to be creative?

Distress and eustress, not stress, is what you must manage
and overcome by knowing what stressors are causing the
physical reactions you experience.

Being mindful of your body's response to your stressors
(causes) is the first step to managing and overcoming
your indicators (body signals) and your reactions to your

Stressors are identified in the following categories:
Breathing - Environment - Attitude - Nutrition

Being here and being now with your awareness, acceptance
and acknowlegment of your physical responses to your
stressors begins your journey to managing and overcoming
the stressors, the causes of your distress and eustress.

Today is the day for you to accept that your overall health
and well-being is most important.  The choice is yours.

Press this link to let go of your distress and eustress

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