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Stress from a bioenergetic perspective

"Inspiration and motivation on being in the now is found in
each moment.  Comments/Questions
Weekly Reminder: Live in the present moment

Stress, from a bioenergetic perspective,... needed to live and to be creative; distress or eustress are not.

...sees illness as your body taking over when your mind cannot,
does not know how to, want to or is unable to handle your

...sees living your life as an interaction and integration of your
body, mind and spirit.  When distress or eustress occur there is
a disconnect between your body, mind and spirit. According to
Dr. Hans Selye this is worse than being intoxicated since your
body can not tell the difference between the two.

...sees physical feelings and thoughts influencing each other.
That is, what is you feel influences what you think; and what
you think influences what you feel.

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How does "stress from a bioenergetic perspective" help you get
more done with less distress or eustress?

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