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As we come to the end of April stress awareness month, we
continue looking at stress, and the difference between distress
and eustress.

Stress is a "response of the body to any demand made upon it."
And, according to Dr. Selye "Stress is not something to be avoided."
Stress is your body's biochemical reaction to how you live life.
Stress can develop into distress or eustress and disease, through
your personal adaptation to internal and external environments.
When your energy is higher than your body can discharge, distress
or eustress occurs.  This may result in feelings such as loss of
control, being overwhelmed, stuck and/or agitated.  Each person
reacts differently to the different stressors.  It is important to know
what stressors, causes your distress or eustress and recognize the
stress indicators, the signal they give.

Distress is your body sending signals called stress indicators
that your breathing, environment, attitude and nutrition called
stressors are in need of your attention

Eustress is the opposite of distress and is somewhat beneficial
- but not too much; since your body is unable to differentiate
what stressors are causing distress and what stressors are
causing eustress.  In both cases, your adrenal glands are
secreting adrenaline.  According to Hans Selye, M.D. too
much adrenaline in your body is worse than being intoxicated.
You must learn how-to manage the stress indicators that your
stressors: breathing, environment, attitude and nutrition are
presenting you and the people you love.  It is therefore essential
for you to review your lifestyle and goals as soon as and when
ever you get these signals.

Some signals and symptoms of stress -- distress or eustress --
are tension and physical illness; low energy; fatigue; irritability;
insomnia; headaches; and backaches.

How do you manage and overcome your stress indicators,
your signals and symptoms of stress -- distress or eustress?

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