Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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Your life's purpose

Weekly Reminder: Live in the present moment  ""Being present in the moment
is empowering, when you accept what you are experiencing without judgment!

~ Lithograph by Dr. Rae ~

As you review your life's purpose are you finding the feelings that come with
being and living your life's purpose?

Have you ever noticed when you live your life's purpose your life moves without
any obstacles and setbacks?

Here are a few thoughts on what happens when you find and live your life's
purpose; you are...

  • Being a believer, confident and self-reliant on what you are here

  • Knowing that your life's purpose helps you feel empowered as
        you pursue your goals by staying focused.

  • Seeing opportunities everywhere.

  • Sharing your life's purpose to make your life's purpose happen.

  • Uncovering your hidden talents.

  • Using your life's purpose to attract what you want from others
        and from your self.

    One thing is for sure, only through honest questioning and reflection on
    your life's purpose are you able to be a viable role-model for others and
    for your self.

    To get to know your life's purpose, notice what you enjoy, what interests
    you and what you gravitate towards.

    So, are you ready?

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    At the end of each day, how is your life's purpose reflected in your business,
    personal and professional life?

    Tell us about how being aware of your life's purpose helps you get
    more done with less distress by clicking "Post Your Comment Here" below...

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    prompt attention
    for any specific condition and/or situation.]

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