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OYSR => SnapShot 11: Stress Matters

Weekly Reminder: Live in the present moment
"Being present in the moment takes courage, and trust
for creativity, imagination, and inspiration to work!

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We continue our 14 SnapShot series on Overcoming Your Stress
with SnapShot 11: Stress Matters

Not only does stress matter -- your stress matters -- and here are a
few reasons how stress matters...

Stress matters because...

> getting a handle on stress prevents distress,
and eustress.

> knowing, and overcoming your stress indicators,
and stressors help you live longer.

> your life matters, and you want to be informed.

> your stress may be life threatening.

> your stress tells you that your life, and living your
life's purpose is important.

> your stress tells you to consider your well-being.

> your stress tells you to take seriously the signals
your body sends you.

> your stress tells you what parts of your life need
your attention.

> you want to take charge of your life.

> your well-being, and wellness matter.

Have compassion, and respect for others, and your self by learning
more about stress matters.

Send your reasons for how stress matters for you to receive your
complimentary stress consultation with Dr. Rae

Do you want to know more about stress matters?

Press this link>>>

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At the end of each day, how are you dealing with stress matters in
your business, your personal, and your professional life?

Tell us in the "Post Your Comment Here" link below how dealing with
stress mattters helps you get more done with less distress, and eustress.

[This information is intended for your knowledge only.  You must seek
prompt attention
for any specific condition and/or situation]

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