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Process skills with social media

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Weekly Reminder: Live in the present moment
"Being present in the moment without thinking is the key
to being energized, enthusiastic, and exciting!

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Have you ever wondered what makes social media so important
in learning process skills?

Here are a few revised ideas from Dr. Rae's "Process Oriented
Curriculum: A design your own curriculum"
for your consideration...

...acquiring process skills with soclal media provides the
learner with opportunities to learn conceptualizing, decision
making, generalizing, relating, problem-solving, and self-
direction skills.

...process skills with soclal media are retained for longer
periods of time.

...process skills with soclal media help individuals become
independent learners.

...process skills with soclal media help the learner acquire,
apply, organize, and use information from different disciplines,
and situations in meaningful, productive, relevant, and satisfying

...the storehouse of knowledge is so great that instruction is
impossible for the learner to know all there is to know.

...the world is changing so rapidly that predicting what is going
to be needed in the learning process is almost impossible.

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for you, your business, and your professional life?
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At the end of each day, are you dealing with process skills with
social media
in your business, personal, and professional life?

Tell us in the "Post Your Comment Here" link below how process
skills with social media
is helping you get more done with less
distress, and eustress.

We encourage, and support you dealing with process skills with
social media

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