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Awareness, choice, stress, and well-being

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Weekly Reminder: Live in the present moment
"Being present in the moment without thinking is the key
to being fantastic, fascinating, and focused!

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Did you know living with awareness, there is choice as
to how-to deal with stress to arrive at the state of well-

Did you know stress is OK...  distress, and eustress are

Did you know stress is needed to live, and be creative;
so be aware of when your stress becomes distress, and

Your body is continually sending you signals.

These signals -- also known as physical cues -- are stress
indicators, your body's reactions to these stressors:

Natural, and normal breathing is a valuable tool
for your emotional, and physical health, and well-
being.  Check your breathing to see when your
breathing is jammed, natural, reversed or shallow.

Avoid fluorescent lighting, dirty ventilation, and sick
buildings.  Awareness of your body's response to this
stressor is the first step to managing, and overcoming
your indicators, your reactions.  The choice is yours!

Change your attitude, the way you look at, and see
things, and see your world change.  Killer attitudes
are: frustration, negativity, resentment, and self-pity.
Life producing attitudes are: appreciation of others,
and self; diversification of actions, and thoughts;
and realistic goals.

Mindful nutrition is a valuable tool to emotional,
and physical health, and well being.  Caffeine
creates stress reactions.  Eating three meals, and
two snacks a day works wonders.  Eating white
products ­ sugar, white flour, white rice ­ creates
stress reactions.  Fresh fruit, and vegetables help
reduce your stress reactions.  What about nitrates,
and preservatives?  Are they in the foods you eat?
Your body is telling you what choices to make.

Becoming aware, and making a choice as to how you are
going to deal with your stress indicators, stress reactions
gets you to the state of well-being in your daily life

Do you want to know more about awareness, choice,
stress, and well-being
for you, your business, and your
professional life?
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At the end of each day, are you dealing with awareness,
choice, stress, and well-being
in your business, personal,
and professional life?

Tell us in the "Post Your Comment Here" link below how
awareness, choice, stress, and well-being is helping you
get more done with less distress, and eustress.

We encourage, and support you dealing with awareness,
choice, stress, and well-being

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