Wednesday, August 03, 2005

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Gain from Your Intuition

Do you use your intuition to make decisions?

Here is what intuition is...

Intuition goes beyond logic.  Intuition backed
with logic is a very powerful decision making

According to Sandy Karn, a results specialist
and president of Creative Results Sources, Inc.
"There are actually two types of intuition.  The
first involves critical observation and heightened
awareness of everything going on around you
and all the factors affecting your decision."

"...The second type of intuition involves your
Inner-Knower - that part of you that is in tune
with the wisdom of the Universe and the rhythms
of Nature.  This is the type of intuition described
by Carl Jung and taught by people such as
Deepak Chopra today.  This requires shutting
down your active mind for a while to give you the
opportunity to go inside yourself and tap into this
Inner Knowledge.  We all have access to it -
however it takes practice to access it."

And, here is how you gain from your intuition...

Quiet your mind and calm your emotions.  Start
by paying attention to your feelings and physical
reactions and continue doing this as you make
your decision.

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