Thursday, October 06, 2005

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Choose Fascination

This past week's has given us many frustrating moments
in which we were unable to resolve any of the many issues
that presented themselves in our lives.

This gave us the impetus to reflect on lessons learned in
the past from which we (and hopefully you) may gain some
solace by choosing fascination over frustration in finding
solutions to your frustrating moments.

After all, frustration "...implies making vain or ineffectual
efforts however vigorous or persistent" leaving you feeling
helpless and not knowing what to do in certain situations.

Our colleague Kevin Eikenberry, in an exceptional article
on choosing fascination not frustration that is motivational
and inspirational, notes that frustration leads to anger,
resentment and regret while fascination leads to improved
relationships, results, knowledge, and understanding.

Notice that your state of mind has an effect on situations
and the people around you.  By being a partner with the
difference of other people and their reactions remember
that other people's reactions will mirror you when you
set the mood.

Start by looking at the situation and the people around
you, and then set the mood by telling others how to act
around you.

Initiate by being proactive.

Get involved at some level, and remember to use your
mind plus your body to maximizes your involvement.

Seek to comfort and be comforted.  Be remembered for
the joy and love you give to others, and the quality of
your love.

And finally, don't question your partners' judgment and
suggestions, look with whom they are interacting.

After all, what we are all here about is love, hope and

The choice is yours.

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