Wednesday, October 12, 2005

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Staying Present

Did you know that when you stay in the "present"
you are, and feel much calmer?

Your body and your mind are in balance and there
is less tension within you, and around you.

To get to this state of mind and body you must let
go of your future and your past thoughts.

This not to say that you do no planning for your future
or learn from your past, it just means when you catch
yourself feeling tense, focus on the moment and begin
feeling the difference.

The goal is to stay "present" when you begin to lose
your focus and your creativity.

When you are in the "present" you are in control of
yourself which leads to wellness.  Multi-tasking,
doing many things at once does not.

After all, there is more to a day than you realize, and
the choice is yours.

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