Wednesday, June 14, 2006

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Living Your Purpose

Are you being yourself?  Are you using your imagination?
Are you living your purpose?

Living your purpose is a way of being -- it's all about being,
and being can be learned -- being must be learned.

Finding and then living your purpose comes from within,
learning to make your unconscious conscious.

According to James Redfield "we all have a...purpose...
that once we bring it completely into consciousness,
our lives...take off."

First you must want to get inspired to live your life on
purpose, the life you have dreamed of, by making the
decision to define your purpose.

The challenge then is to find, define and begin living
your purpose.

According to Arnold Patent, the way to define and live
your purpose is to know yourself, your unique personal
qualities -- enthusiasm or creativity -- and how you enjoy
expressing these qualities -- supporting or inspiring.

Go ahead, make that one decision to be yourself -- use
your imagination and live your purpose.

Do it now!

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