Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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The Adventure of Mindful Awareness

Most of us live our lives on autopilot -- “sleepwalking” -- dimly
aware of what is going on.

How many times have you left your home wondering if the stove
was turned off?

How many times have you allowed yourself to worry about issues
and events over which you have no control?

In the midst of a busy day, paying full attention on the present
moment is mindful awareness.

Mindful awareness helps you...

...gain insight into how transient things really are.
...get less entangled in your thoughts.
...plan your daily activities around the pursuit of achieving
    your life's purpose.

As an adventure, mindful awareness helps you... aware of and focused on your life's purpose -- what
    ever it is. your life's purpose.
...gain access to those things that matter most in living
    your life's purpose.

Go ahead, start your adventure of mindful awareness -- living in
the moment -- living your purpose.  Do it now!

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