Wednesday, June 28, 2006

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The Power of Purpose

Yes, your purpose has power in the following ways...

The power of purpose...

1.    aligns you with your heart
2.    calls for your energies and talents.
3.    enables you to be authentic and complete.
4.    helps you choose what to do with your life.
5.    helps you feel a sense of balance in your life.
6.    helps you feel that your life matters.
7.    helps you know that your life is making a difference.
8.    helps you lead yourself and others.
9.    helps you live from the inside out.
10.  helps you live your dreams.
11.  helps you take charge of your personal and professional life.
12.  inspires you and others.
13.  liberates you and others.
14.  organizes your life.
15.  provides meaning in your life and in your work.
16.  renews your sense of aliveness.
17.  supports listening to your deepest yearnings.
18.  supports you in telling your truth.

So go ahead and discover how to live from the inside out; discover
your gifts; discover what moves you and discover the power of your

Do it now!

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