Wednesday, July 16, 2008

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Appreciation and Leadership in Action

"Making progress starts by making decisions from the various
  choices you have selected; and by the opportunities that are
  presented to you today and every day."

  [Your Weekly StressTip]

"Aim for the highest."
  [Simpleology Daily]

Appreciation and leadership in action requires focus on the now,
the present moment.

Being mindful of the now, being vigilant without thought in the
present moment helps you take action on what matters.

A New Earth : Awakening to Your Life's Purpose book club member
...shares what being present means to her: "Being present means
I am consciously speaking, doing and acting, creating inner space
and stillness, of which there is no lacking."

Appreciation and leadership in action is what matters.

To show your appreciation and leadership in action is more powerful
than saying -- you appreciate something.

How many times have you heard...

I appreciate what you are doing and saying to change this situation.

...with no action on the part of the appreciator?

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